Erika Mendez-Medina

Erika Mendez Medina

Erika Mendez-Medina is an experienced legal assistant in our El Paso, TX office. She assists with all types of immigration and deportation defense cases, including requests for a Stay of Deportation, U-Visa applications for victims of crimes, Detained and Non-Detained Immigration Court proceedings, family-based petitions, and naturalization.

Ms. Mendez-Medina graduated with Honors from New Mexico State University with degrees in Government (Political Science) and Criminal Justice. During her undergraduate studies Erika completed an Honors Thesis evaluating anti-terrorism legislation in Peru and participated in a study abroad program in Canada.

Ms. Mendez-Medina was born and raised in the Las Cruces, NM area but has spent time living in Germany and Canada. Her grandfather participated in the Bracero program of the 1940s and migrated to the United States soon thereafter bringing along his large family. Her parents are both Naturalized American Citizens. Her work in the firm has affirmed her interest in addressing systemic social injustice, and she aspires to become an attorney. Ms. Mendez-Medina is fluent in Spanish and English.   

Ms. Mendez-Medina and her husband Octavio Medina have three children, a son, and two daughters.  In her free time, Erika enjoys spending time with her family and dogs.   

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