Free Consultations on Inauguration Day!

“We must build dikes of courage to hold back the flood of fear.”  Martin Luther King, Jr.


Many people are uncertain about how the presidential inauguration and upcoming presidency will affect our communities, neighbors, laws and systems.

This is especially true for the immigrant community.  Immigration attorneys around the country are standing up to offer free consultations and naturalization fairs on inauguration weekend.  We want to send the message to the new administration that immigrants who contribute to our communities must have a valued place in our society.  The president- elect has alluded to wide-spread deportations, immigration restrictions, and even a border wall with Mexico. The rhetoric has led to fear for many but there is still reason to have hope.  (You can read more about our outlook on immigration law Here).  Immigrant rights have been written into our nation’s laws and history.  That will not change overnight nor will our dedication to the immigrant population.  We will continue to fight for the rights of our immigrant brothers and sisters.  We will continue to stand by those who have been marginalized for many years.  We will continue our work with the same zealous advocacy and dedication that we have had for all our clients. 

It takes courage to overcome the fear that is being circulated.  Knowledge and preparedness may be the best antidotes to fear.  Let us help.  For those with questions or fears in the face of the new administration we invite you to set up a consultation.  We are offering free consultations on Friday, January 20.   Contact us to make an appointment.