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The Artesia Experience

DREAMers: What Education Is Needed?

Very recently, President Barack Obama announced that DHS would grant deferred action to certain immigrants if they fulfilled some conditions.  For more information on this announcement and what deferred action means please visit out web page here.  This blog will focus specifically on the educatoinal requirement as it may affect residents of New Mexico.   Read more about DREAMers: What Education Is Needed?

Olsi Vrapi for TX Chapter Secretary

Olsi Vrapi

Dear Chapter Members:


I was recently honored and humbled to receive the nomination for Chapter Secretary.  This is my second time being nominated for this position.  In a way, most of my life could be described as a life of second chances. 

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I-601 Lockbox Filing

At a recent stakeholders' teleconference, USCIS announced a change in the I-601 waiver world which is lockbox filing. This announcement took place on March 9, 2012. This change is certain to occur and is expected to roll out in late Spring, early Summer 2012. Under this new system all foreign filed waivers will be centralized at the Nebraska Service Center to be adjudicated by a core of 26 adjudicators. Initially there will be 13 adjudicators, a number which will eventually reach approximately 26 when the program is fully phased in. Read more about I-601 Lockbox Filing