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Attorneys can now press the "submit" button on the electronic DS-260 form.

At a recent conference in Memphis, TN, an official from the Cd. Juarez consulate confirmed that attorneys can click the "submit" button the DS-260 form if they enter their information as the preparer.

EDIT 05/16/2011: After receiving questions, I went back and checked with the CDJ official regarding the DS-160 form.  The NIV chief at CDJ confirmed that the above applies to DS-160 in the same way; attorney must enter his or her information as preparer to be able to hit the "submit" button.  Read more about Attorneys can now press the "submit" button on the electronic DS-260 form.

That was the rule yesterday.

I'm sitting in an airport writing this. People usually have aha moments in the bathroom; I have them in airports. I find myself in airports more than I would like to these days, but the one nice things about it is that I have some down time to think.  Read more about That was the rule yesterday.

New leadership at the U.S. Consulate and USCIS in Cd. Juarez, Mexico.

There has been quite a bit of change in leadership at both the consulate and USCIS in Cd. Juarez.  The new appointments at the consulate are as follows:
Thomas Rogan - Consular Chief
Roger Rigaud - Deputy Consular Chief
Cathy Holt - Immigrant Visa Chief