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Immigration News, Reforms, and Successes

This is a blog written by the attorneys at Noble & Vrapi, P.A. regarding immigration news, needed reforms, and success stories.

New leadership at the U.S. Consulate and USCIS in Cd. Juarez, Mexico.

There has been quite a bit of change in leadership at both the consulate and USCIS in Cd. Juarez.  The new appointments at the consulate are as follows:
Thomas Rogan - Consular Chief
Roger Rigaud - Deputy Consular Chief
Cathy Holt - Immigrant Visa Chief

We hired a new associate.

We are proud to announce that Amber Weeks will be joining our firm in September of this year after she finishes her clerkship at the NM Court of Appeals. Amber graduated 3rd in her class and she was the editor of the Natural Resources Journal at the University of New Mexico School of Law. Amber has given countless hours to non-profit organizations helping low-income immigrants. 

We are happy to have her join our team and are looking forward to continue to provide top notch legal services to our community and beyond. Read more about We hired a new associate.

Welcome to my blog!

I figured that in the age of technology any law firm not having a Facebook page and a blog is considered so 1999.  So here I am: a Facebook page and a blog all in the inside of 24 hours. 

With this blog I hope to bring commentaries about new cases coming out, practice tips for other attorneys, or just plain old rants.  Anyone who has practiced immigration law understands that we need to blow off steam constantly when dealing with the giant behemoth called DHS. Read more about Welcome to my blog!